Revolutionize Large Meetings and Classes with the Huge 110″ Multiboard Light+

Revolutionize Large Meetings and Classes with the Huge 110″ Multiboard Light+ 

Are you struggling to get everyone engaged during crowded meetings and lectures? Prestigio Solutions launches the new Multiboard Light+ Series model – a groundbreaking 110-inch interactive display highlighted by ultra-high 4K definition

This colossal 110″ screen measures over 9 feet (2.74 meters) across, providing a giant digital canvas unlike any other. The vast real estate allows multiple users to freely interact, annotate, and collaborate simultaneously with support for 20 multi-touch points. Teams and classes can take full advantage of the expansive workspace to brainstorm ideas, markup documents, and visualize content on an epic scale. 

The giant 110″ size is perfect for large conference rooms, auditoriums, and lecture halls where everyone can see and engage with the content, no matter where they’re seated. It eliminates visibility issues from smaller displays, ensuring no one misses out. Additionally, it provides an all-in-one solution, removing the need for expensive and complex video walls. This makes setup easier and more cost-effective, allowing for seamless integration into any large space without the hassle of assembling multiple screens. 

For business, size isn’t its only advantage – the all-in-one Light+ also packs video conferencing abilities with wireless sharing from Android, Windows, Mac & iOS and preloaded software for presentations, conferences, business training, etc. to boost engagement further. It also features a built-in camera, microphones, and speakers for seamless remote collaboration

In education, the boundless 110″ display immerses students in interactive lessons with a consistently bright, vivid screen, eliminating the need to hope for a working projector or additional curtains. This display makes it easier for students to grasp the lesson and materials, enhancing productivity and interest. Teachers can deliver comprehensive interactive curricula through mozaBook while managing the flow with mClass. The optional PC module transforms it into a powerful Windows learning station. 

The Multiboard Light+ 110″ model makes meetings and classes more productive and engaging for everyone through its unmatched blend of size and interactive capabilities. This solution improves unclear, ineffective large-group sessions. 

To experience the benefits firsthand, pre-order now for estimated delivery in October 2024.  

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