MozaBook, interactive educational software

Integrate impressive interactive elements and skill-building features to provide students with an engaging and productive learning environment

Innovative tool

MozaBook revolutionizes teaching by incorporating interactive features that enhance the learning experience. Its captivating illustrations, animations, and presentation options make it an engaging platform for students.


The software is designed with teachers in mind, ensuring that it is intuitive and user-friendly, with functions easily accessible in expected locations.


MozaBook promotes social learning by enabling teachers to share exercise books and worksheets at the school or national level.


The software is versatile, allowing users to create their own digital textbooks by adding interactive content from the media library to PDF documents.


With over 1300 3D scenes, educational videos, audio files, and worksheets, MozaBook offers an impressive collection of resources to inspire and engage students.

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MozaBook, interactive educational software
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