Interactive Teaching & Powerful Management

Effective Control

Classroom Management is a technique that assists teachers in effectively controlling and managing their class.

Screen Broadcast

The teacher has the ability to share their screen with students either in Full Screen or Windowed mode. Full Screen mode takes over the entire screen, preventing students from accessing other applications. Windowed mode displays the teacher's desktop in a window, allowing students to switch between it and other applications.

Live Broadcast

The teacher can stream their content live to multiple students using a USB web camera. Additionally, they can broadcast their voice while streaming the live content.

Interactive whiteboard

Facilitates a dynamic classroom environment that fosters teacher-student interaction. The teacher can employ a whiteboard to share various materials, such as paintings, images, screenshots, and documents, with the students. Furthermore, the teacher can collaborate with the students by drawing together using a variety of tools, brushes, and shapes. Additionally, the teacher can monitor the students' progress and select an exemplary student to showcase their work to the rest of the class when students are working on their individual canvases.

Remote Command

Enables effortless control over students' PCs and tablets. You can remotely power on, shut down, or reboot all devices, as well as launch or close applications without physically accessing each device. Convenient management from your own computer.

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