Multiboard 110" Light+ Series PRESTIGIO SOLUTIONS

Present. Share. Collaborate. All-in-one solution for business and education.
Android 13
Free software
Wireless sreensharing
Chipset A311D2
Metal case
Eye protection
CE certificates
ROHS certificates
EU Energy label
ISO 9001, ISO 14001
OfficeSuit Premium
Mozaik education official partner

Experience new level of interaction

Interactive display Multiboard Light Plus is the new generation of panels for business and education, containing advanced features compared to previous models Multiboard Light and Prime. Increased productivity guarantees advanced 50,000 hours of experience, for long and intensive work as your team or class needs while collaborating or studying. Present, teach, or learn, the new Multiboard Light+ is the perfect solution for you. The All-in-one solution unites all the necessary tools and is made to replace multiple devices for the entire meeting or classroom. The powerful hardware together with preinstalled software provides a versatile and user-friendly solution for all your interactive needs. Thanks to the Plug & Play feature the entire set-up process requires plugging in the power cable. New generation interactive panels Multiboad Light + call to forget difficulties and collaborate without limitations.

ultra high definition
built-in microphone
superior sound
built-in camera
20 touch & writing points
Wireless screensharing

Advanced online collaboration

Now you can conduct virtual meetings, webinars, lessons and presentations without the need for additional equipment. Built-in camera and microphone in Multiboard Light+ Series offer numerous benefits for online collaboration.

Increased Engagement

Contribute ideas, make edits, and provide feedback in a seamless and efficient manner. Multiboard Light+ screen with 40 simultaneous touch & writing points promotes active participation and engagement among team members, leading to better communication and more productive meetings or lessons.

Wireless screen sharing from multiple devices

Share your screens and collaborate in real-time, regardless of your device. Multiboard Light+ Series supports wireless screen sharing from Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and also supports reverse mirroring, remote control of Multiboard from your device and vice versa. Provides native screen sharing via AirPlay.

Be creative

Multiboard Light+ supports writing with 2 different colors simultaneously. Moreover, with functional active pen you can change slides, make notes and control the pen thickness without additional tools and actions.

Needed solution for businesses

Multiboard Light+ contains all the features needed for collaborative work in one office or multiple locations. Host a presentation or video meeting, the interactive panel for business contains everything you need — from a multi-touch screen to a full video conference solution and Wi-Fi module in one device. Elevate collaboration to an entirely new level, enabling teams, remote workers, and business partners to work effectively together.

Advanced study in schools

Make the classes more engaging and dynamic by implementing the new Multiboard Light + in your school system. Order an assignment by the board, explain a new topic, visit a virtual gallery, or organize an educational game. Use mozaBook with the latest books and video library to complement your lessons, and make video calls to invited teachers across the globe. To start the classes just click on the chosen app on the board. The latest features will ensure a healthy educational environment and boost kids' interest in learning.

Enhanced Performance

Optional PC module based on a powerful Intel® processor and Windows 11 Pro OS and built-in 3G/LTE module can improve the performance and will open even more opportunities for study or work.

Maximum level of security access

Built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) enables secure access to the Multiboard data by allowing users to authenticate themselves through their personal access card. This ensures that only authorized personnel can access the panel and its features. You can also use NFС cards to run certain applications.


Easy-to-use software for business and education, including mozaBook Classroom with a free year license, provides a complete solution. Simplifies employee work, or increases classroom engagement.
Wireless screensharing
App for Wireless Screen Mirroring from any devices any OS; Reverse mirroring; Remote control; Presenters management
Drawing and annotations
App for drawing and annotations with features for education
Displayforce player
All-in-one Digital Signage platform to measure audience, provide instant targeting content and monetize screens
Chrome Browser
Browser directed on enhanced security, speed and stability
Classroom Management which helps teacher to control and manage the class effectively Interactive Teaching, Powerful Management, Effective Control, Teaching Evaluation
OfficeSuite Premium
App allows user to annotate, review, secure, fill & sign any PDF, Word, Excel etc. A comfortable reader and converter - Lifetime license
Interactive educational presentation software for teachers — 1 year free
App for setup NFC settings (Restricting access to the Multiboard using NFC tags).


2 years

of full warranty

1 year

of free service for peace of mind and confidence in the future

Article PSMB068P110
Multiboard 110" Light+ Series PRESTIGIO SOLUTIONS
Ultra HD Android-based interactive panel for business and education
Android 13
Free software
Wireless sreensharing
Chipset A311D2
Metal case
SD Card slot
Eye protection
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