Optimize Your Conference Room Efficiency with Prestigio Solutions 

Optimize Your Conference Room Efficiency with Prestigio Solutions 

Are you struggling with wasting time in meetings due to technical issues or inadequate conference room setups? If so, you aren’t alone. Many businesses face similar challenges that lead to inefficiencies and lost productivity. Let’s explore how these problems can impact your organization and how well-designed conference rooms with advanced solutions can bring substantial benefits.

The Problem: Wasting Time in Meetings 

Imagine you have a conference room that isn’t set up right. This problem is more common than you might think and leads to significantly wasting time in meetings. Consider these statistics data of the industry, TeamStage, and ViewSonic’s clients reviews: 

  • 15% of meeting time can be consumed by technical issues. 
  • Connectivity problems, equipment setup issues, and speaker switching can cause continuous disruptions

11 million meetings are held every day in the U.S., and 37% of them start late. 
An executive earning $150,000 loses approximately $9,562 annually because of unsuccessful meetings. Across U.S. companies, the estimated cost of ineffective meetings is $37 billion yearly. These figures highlight the significant economic effect that ineffective meeting practices have on organizational productivity. 

In addition to monetary waste, consider the important non-monetary costs, including missed opportunities for productivity gains and the long-term impact on employee performance because of time waste in meetings. 

Practical examples further highlight the impact of these challenges: 

  • In large corporate offices, weekly executive meetings often start 10 minutes late due to connection issues with remote participants. Over a year, this delay equates to hundreds of hours of wasted time in meetings and decreased productivity. 
  • Educational institutions, including universities conducting online classes, frequently experience interruptions due to poor-quality audio and video equipment. These disruptions frustrate students and lead to wasted time in meetings, significantly affecting the overall learning experience. 

Interestingly, only 4% of employees multitask during video calls compared to 57% during phone calls, emphasizing the potential of well-equipped meeting spaces to enhance focus and productivity. Additionally, 89% of respondents believe – video conferences speed up project completion times. 

Well-equipped meeting spaces are essential to mitigate these issues and improve productivity. 

The Solution: Well-Equipped Conference Rooms 

A well-designed conference room with advanced solutions can solve common meeting inefficiencies and significantly boost productivity. 

Advanced cameras: Prestigio Solutions offers modern cameras to enhance meeting clarity and reduce technical glitches. Our Collaboration Bar Gamma provides clear, bright 4K picture quality capabilities to ensure all participants are seen, maintaining engagement and concentration. 

High-quality speakerphone: Designed with noise reduction technology and omnidirectional microphones, the Speakerphone Alpha Prestigio Solutions optimizes sound quality for effective communication, ensuring crystal-clear audio transmission. 

JoinU conference software: Our JoinU video conferencing software helps you make cross-platform parallel screen sharing, video conferences, and meeting room booking system. With automatic updates and intuitive connectivity, JoinU reduces setup and troubleshooting time, mitigating technical issues that often lead to wasted time in meetings. 

Interactive panels Multiboards: Prestigio Solutions Multiboards enhance visual collaboration. Participants can attend meetings, hold presentations, work together on documents in real-time, annotate ideas instantly, and streamline decision-making processes. This approach engages participants and accelerates consensus-building. 
Our solutions are Plug & Play, which means you do not need to install drivers to use them, the contest starts with one click, reducing the overall meeting time. 

Benefits of a Well-Equipped Conference Room 

  • Increased productivity: Advanced audiovisual tools ensure meetings start promptly and run smoothly. High-quality equipment minimizes disruptions, keeping participants engaged in meeting objectives. 
  • Enhanced collaboration: Interactive Multiboards facilitate seamless document sharing and real-time annotation, fostering dynamic discussions and efficient goal achievement. This improves teamwork and the ability to make decisions. 
  • Cost efficiency: Investing in world-class equipment and software reduces time waste in meetings, resulting in serious financial savings and enhanced operational performance. 


Prestigio Solutions offers various products to optimize conference room efficiency and address meeting challenges. From 4K cameras and the speakerphones to JoinU software and interactive panels Multiboards, our solutions ensure productive meetings. These technologies reduce the losses caused by unproductive meetings, increase productivity, and improve employee satisfaction. 

Explore our meeting room configurator for more information on transforming your meeting room experience. Unleash the full potential of your team and save time during meetings with Prestigio Solutions. 

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