Success Story: Multiboards for Olga Gudynn High School

Success Story: Prestigio Solutions Multiboards for Olga Gudynn Bilingual High School in Romania

Olga Gudynn Bilingual High School is an ambitious, forward-looking educational project in Romania aimed at innovative young people eager to change society for the better.

The Prestigio Solutions project, carried out in collaboration with Euroweb Romania and ASBIS Romania, reflects this positive and forward-looking vision.

Digital Learning with Prestigio Solutions Multiboards

Interactive panels Multiboards turn classroom into a fascinating learning environment.

With the help of the multitouch display, children can interact in groups, having the possibility to make annotations at the same time, the Multiboard having 10 simultaneous writing points with 2 different colors.

Prestigio Solutions Multiboard offers a suite of pre-installed software that allows content creation, interactive collaboration and wireless connectivity, turning a lesson into a creative and attractive game for students of all ages.

Prestigio Solutions Multiboards together with Mozabook educational software are easy to use by users and represent a collaboration and learning solution for students, both in classrooms and in hybrid mode. The equipment is created for interactive content and is available in versions starting with 55″ and up to 98″.

«Education for us means creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. What we want most when it comes to our high school is for students to enjoy coming to class, developing themselves, trying different activities and discovering their passions. The Prestigio Solutions project complements this desire, offering us as an institution, but especially the students, interactive solutions for learning and practicing knowledge. Our team of Romanian and international teachers, with extensive experience in the educational field, focuses on a modern teaching style and active involvement of students, guiding them to choose bold and successful careers. Students also benefit from international-standard facilities, multiple professional and recreational development and learning facilities using state-of-the-art technologies.»
Andra Anton
Deputy Director of the Olga Gudynn Bilingual High School

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