JoinU software wins fabulous awards

JoinU Software from Prestigio Solutions wins fabulous awards according to the users’ reviews at

In G2 Winter Report JoinU Software earned neither more than 15 awards in 3 categories: software for screen sharing, software for booking meeting room system and software for Video Conferencing.

Some of the G2 awards JoinU Software has received for the Winter 2023 Reports are:
• Leader
• High Performer Mid-Market
• High Performer Europe
• Highest User Adoption
• Best Results
• Users Most Likely to Recommend
• Best Usability
• Best Meets Requirements
• Best Support
• Best Est. ROI
• Easiest to Use
• Easiest to Do Business with
• Easiest Admin

G2 scores products and vendors every quarter based on feedback from their user community as well as data gathered from online sources and social networks.

Considering the wide functionality of JoinU Software from Prestigio Solutions, we believe that we have huge potential for growth and are aimed to provide users with the best customer experience!

Learn more about JoinU – software solution for native and wireless screen sharing, integrated videoconferencing apps and booking meeting room system functionality.

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