ASBIS chooses JoinU Software for video conferencing and meeting rooms management

ASBIS chooses JoinU Software for video conferencing and meeting rooms management

5000 meetings with Prestigio Solutions JoinU in ASBIS

Prestigio Solutions is pleased to report the successful facilitation of over 5000 meetings in ASBIS through the support of JoinU. This impressive feat, with a daily average of 22 meetings, serves as a testament to the efficacy and efficiency of JoinU Software from Prestigio Solutions in enabling meetings within the company.  

JoinU is a preferred solution for internal meetings in ASBIS. The meeting rooms in local offices throughout ASBIS presence are equipped with JoinU Software from Prestigio Solutions, which has become a kind of corporate standard. It is used daily for online communication via any video conference application with partners and remote teams. JoinU Software has incorporated all video conferencing messengers, making it very convenient to use native application and all its functionality. The ability to wirelessly screen share has become an integral part of all meetings.   

JoinU from Prestigio Solutions is an outstanding software that allows for wireless simultaneous screen sharing from any computer or mobile device in just a matter of seconds. Its cross-launch feature enables users to join video conferencing meetings using native applications and all functionalities with just one click. JoinU also provides a management system for booking meeting and conference rooms.

The fact that JoinU from Prestigio Solutions have successfully processed over 5000 meetings is a testament to the app’s user-friendly interface and convenience. Company focus is placed on creating positive experiences for partners and customers, just like ASBIS has experienced.

Prestigio Solutions is eagerly anticipating future developments from JoinU Software, with a goal of providing cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize business communication and collaboration.

ASBIS Group is a leading Value Add Distributor, offering ICT, IoT, and Robotic products, solutions, and services in EMEA markets. With headquarter in Cyprus, the group owns subsidiaries in 30 countries, and serve 20,000 B2B customers in 60 countries worldwide.

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