Introducing the New Prestigio Solutions Multiboard Light+ Series – a cutting-edge Business and Education solution

Introducing the New Prestigio Solutions Multiboard Light+ Series – a cutting-edge Business and Education solution

Prestigio Solutions is proud to launch a new interactive panel series designed to improve your experience in business and education – the Multiboard Light+. This innovative solution offers unparalleled interactivity, making it the perfect tool for presentations, meetings and the classroom.

The new Multiboard Light+ Series features a large 40-point touch screen allowing multiple users to interact with content in real-time. It comes with various display diagonals ranging from 65 to 98 inches providing the best fit for any business or educational setting. In the near future, it is also expected to be available in a 110-inch size providing even more flexible choice of your perfect solution.

Its built-in camera, microphone, powerful speakers and subwoofer allow for seamless video conferencing and collaboration, making it an ideal tool for remote teams or hybrid work environments. Now you can conduct virtual meetings, webinars, lessons and presentations without additional equipment.

With its intuitive interface and user-friendly tools, the Multiboard Light+ interactive panel helps boost productivity and efficiency. It comes with special preinstalled business and education software, including mozaBook Classroom with a free one-year license, multiple tools for annotation, collaboration and management. It also supports all the most popular file formats. In addition, it provides wireless and native screen sharing from multiple devices with no need for extra hardware or software, making it a cost-effective solution for any organisation. The Multiboard Light+ Series supports wireless screen sharing from Android, Windows, Mac and iOS, and also supports reverse mirroring, remote control of Multiboard from your device and vice versa. 

The Multiboard Light+ Series has improved security. To ensure secure access, the panel is equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Users can authenticate themselves and gain secure access to the Multiboard data or run certain applications using their personal access card. This guarantees that only authorised individuals can access the panel and its functionalities.

Moreover, the Multiboard Light+ interactive panels include eye protection technology that reduces harmful blue-light emissions from the screen and thus protecting users’ eyes during extended use.

To enhance performance even more, the Multiboard Light+ interactive panels can be supplemented with an optional PC module based on a powerful Intel® processor and Windows 11 Pro OS; the built-in 3G/LTE module can turn the interactive panel into a mobile solution with stable, WiFi-independent Internet connection no matter where it is used.
The new interactive panel is now available for purchase. Find out more or leave a request HERE.

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