The new Collaboration Bar Gamma: all-in-one solution for online collaboration

The Collaboration Bar Gamma is a space-saving solution for your meeting room.

The Collaboration Bar Gamma is combining an Ultra HD camera, six built-in microphones and two powerful speakers in a single device.

Experience the clear, bright 4K picture quality provided by the Collaboration Bar Gamma with a Sony Low Illumination Sensor ensuring maximum realism at your meetings. The Sony sensor provides truthful image capture with high-speed reproducibility. The wide viewing angle can cover up to eight participants and the 5x digital zoom ensures focus on the most important aspects of your video communication.

A camera-integrated smart tracking algorithm (AI) instantly detects participants, tracks and frames presenters smoothly and automatically.

The 6-element microphone array with noise suppression and echo cancellation delivers crystal-clear sound and has a voice pick-up distance range of up to 5m. This device ensures that your audio is pristine even in a noisy or echoing environment.

Discover the exceptional capabilities of the Collaboration Bar Gamma.

The Multiboard and Software option will provide you with a comprehensive solution for your business and conference needs. Find the ideal videoconferencing tools that align with your specific business requirements through the Meeting Rooms Configurator provided by Prestigio Solutions.

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