Choose Your Education Solutions with Our Comprehensive Configurator  

Choose Your Education Solutions with Our Comprehensive Configurator  

Prestigio Solutions, an international brand in education solutions for over 10 years, introduces an innovative Education Configurator to revolutionize learning experiences.

The configurator is specifically designed to help educational institutions select comprehensive hardware and software solutions in one convenient place. Such solutions simplify the technology integration in classrooms, kindergartens, and universities, facilitating an engaging and interactive educational experience. 

The Configurator offers an extensive range of learning solutions for equipping classes of different sizes: products for personal training to large lecture and assembly halls. From interactive panels Multiboards that boosts classroom interactivity to a Windows Hello Camera with Biometric authentication and a 4K PTZ Camera Alpha with AI-intelligent tracking that provides clear visuals and active participant auto tracking, our technology ensures a superior educational experience. Additionally, tablets like the Virtuoso PSTA101 offer interactive 3D scenes, educational videos, audio files and worksheets to enhance classroom and home learning. 

Enhance your teaching with Mozabook and mClass, offering interactive lesson tools and efficient session management. JoinU further supports education with features for video conferencing and seamless screen sharing across all major operating systems, perfect for modernizing classrooms and assembly spaces.  

Our Digital Signage solutions, powered by DISPL software, enable remote management of content on devices, enhancing communication within educational institutions. DISPL also allows for quick schedule updates and announcements, ensuring students and staff stay informed and engaged with timely, relevant information. 

By integrating these advanced educational tools, Prestigio Solutions not only enhances the learning experience but also empowers educators to adapt to modern education hardware and software needs, ensuring students receive the highest quality education. Innovative interactive learning keeps children more interested and engaged by explaining new topics in a simpler and more interactive format. This greatly increases the effectiveness of learning.  

To experience the benefits firsthand, explore the online version.  

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