Prestigio Solutions joined the ASBIS Journey in Romania

Prestigio Solutions joined the ASBIS Journey in Romania

From March 21-23, the picturesque Via Transilvanica route hosted the much-anticipated annual event, ASBIS Meetup 2024.

Against the backdrop of nature’s tranquility at Theodora Golf Club, industry leaders, partners and clients met up to boost innovation and collaboration. The event served as a platform for sharing ideas, forging new partnerships and exchanging experience and knowledge with industry professionals.

During the tech talks BDM Multiboards Pawel Malinowski, shared insightful perspectives on Interactive Panels. 

Here are some of the key points:

Simplicity is Key – Pawel Malinowski emphasized that Interactive Panels must not only boast technological sophistication and an array of features, but also prioritize simplicity for seamless business and educational use.

Enhanced Collaboration – Multiboards’ pre-installed software and apps facilitate effortless collaboration within organizations. From easy teamwork with files to screen sharing, these features streamline communication and teamwork.

Empowering Digital Signage – With AI-based software for audience analysis and remote content management, Digital Signage emerges as a potent tool for driving business growth, boosting sales, customer service and more.

Prestigio Solutions is committed as a trusted partner in the realm of business and education hardware and software. For collaboration opportunities or inquiries, reach out to Prestigio Solutions today and embark on a journey of innovation and success.

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