Youth Tech Fest 2023 Wraps Up with a Flourish of Educational Innovation

Youth Tech Fest 2023 Wraps Up with a Flourish of Educational Innovation

The University of Nicosia witnessed an impressive convergence of technology and education at the Youth Tech Fest 2023, which took place on November 18, 2023. Hosted under the auspices of the Ministry of Education in Cyprus and supported by ASBIS and Prestigio Solutions, this event proved to be a resounding success, captivating nearly 1000 attendees comprising children aged 6 to 18 along with their parents and education professionals.

One of the highlights was the demonstration of Prestigio Solutions cutting-edge educational solutions, such as interactive panel Multiboards Light+, featuring the pre-installed educational software, Mozabook. Showcasing an array of engaging features and a media library, Mozabook captivated young minds with its interactive learning modules. Children embarked on an enthralling 3D journey inside the Temples of Abu Simbel, crafted by the Egyptian king Ramses II, and also, met with a Tyrannosaurus rex. The event even saw them joyfully dancing alongside Santa Claus while participating in a fun quiz on Santa Science. For the older kids, Mozabook prepared different levels of difficulty for geographical quizzes.

The tech-savvy young attendees actively honed their creativity by trying their hand at digital painting and coloring using multipen and specialized software on the Multiboard. The venue itself was a tech wonderland, boasting multiple floors dedicated to educational technologies and a conference hall with various speakers, including from ASBIS.

Additionally, Prestigio Solutions demonstrated Interactive Digital Totems strategically placed near the booths, and offered targeted offline ads, enhancing the visitor experience.

The Youth Tech Fest was not just a display of gadgets but an immersive experience fostering a blend of education and technology. The event’s success lies in its ability to merge learning with enjoyment, leaving a lasting impact on the young attendees and their families. As the event drew to a close, it left behind a trail of inspiration and ignited a passion for the endless possibilities that technology brings to education.

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