/ Warranty terms

Warranty terms

PRESTIGIO SOLUTIONS would like to thank you for choosing our products. We are confident that the product you have purchased will serve you for many years if used and stored properly.

1. General warranty terms

PRESTIGIO SOLUTIONS provides a limited warranty for its products:

In the European Union countries, as well as in the United Kingdom, Serbia and Georgia – two (2) years.

In Spain, and Bosnia and Herzegovina – three (3) years.

In the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan the warranty period for PRESTIGIO SOLUTIONS products, excluding multi-boards, is 1 (one) year;

The warranty period for multi-boards is 2 (two) years. PRESTIGIO SOLUTIONS additionally provides 1 year free of charge servicing for multi-boards in all countries of sale.

The free servicing does not include transportation costs or spare parts cost.

The product has a service life of 3 years, if the rules of operation and storage are followed.

A warranty period is a calendar period during which the Manufacturer undertakes to provide warranty repairs to an end user. The warranty period is counted from the date of the goods purchase by the end user, specified in the document confirming the purchase.

The documents confirming the purchase are:

  • • A properly completed original warranty card, in paper or electronic form, with "model", "serial number", and "date of sale" fields correctly and clearly filled in, with the retailer's stamp containing its name.
  • • A register receipt or another legally approved settlement document.

2. Limitation of Liability

The manufacturer's warranty does not cover:

  • • mechanical damages, contaminations or breakages caused through no fault of the manufacturer:
    • - malfunctions resulting from inappropriate use or improper operation;
    • - damages caused by third parties' actions or force majeure;
    • - equipment defects caused by atmospheric phenomena or other external effects, violation of installation and/or storage rules;
    • - damages caused by ingress of foreign objects, liquids, insects, animals;
    • - damages caused by household factors: high humidity, dustiness, aggressive environment, etc;
  • • natural wear and tear of the product;
  • • parts of instruments that wear over time and parts that break easily: glass, plastic, lamps, etc;
  • • if a serial number or a factory seal are damaged or missing;
  • • if the conditions stated in the warranty card have been changed in any way without the manufacturer's prior written consent;
  • • an appliance defect caused by unstable power supply mains with standards that do not conform to established standards;
  • • a device defect caused by significant adverse effects of the environment (lightning, fire, flooding, etc.), which cannot be controlled by the manufacturer, as well as negligent handling of the device;
  • • requirements for device design modifications in order to adapt it to local conditions that differ from those in force in the country for which the device was designed, manufactured and/or certified;
  • • claims regarding the device functional performance, if existing performance is in accordance with that stated by the manufacturer;
  • • consumables, except where a malfunction cause is defective material or workmanship;
  • • cosmetic damages, including but not limited to scratches,
  • • dents, broken/torn plastic, paper, cardboard, or other parts made of easily damaged materials;
  • • damages caused by the device operation with other manufacturers products;
  • damages caused by maintenance (including upgrades and expansions) performed by persons other than PRESTIGIO SOLUTIONS representatives or PRESTIGIO SOLUTIONS Authorized Service Centers;
  • products that have had their functions or features altered without a written consent of PRESTIGIO SOLUTIONS;
  • WARNING! PRESTIGIO SOLUTIONS products are not intended for any "critical applications"!
  • "Critical applications" means life-support systems, medical applications, connections to implanted medical devices, commercial transportation, nuclear equipment or systems, or any other application, during which the device failure can result in injury or death to persons or damage to property.
  • The following is not product defects:

  • New plastic or rubber smell emitted by the product during the first days of operation;
  • Change of colour shade, gloss of equipment parts during operation;
  • Noises (not exceeding sanitary norms) related with the principles of operation of individual component parts included in the product, namely:
    • - fans;
    • - water valves;
    • - electric relays;
    • - electric motors;
    • - belts;
    • - compressors.
    • Noises caused by natural wear and tear (aging) of materials, namely:
    • - crackles when heating/cooling;
    • - squeaks;
    • - minor knocks of moving mechanisms;
    • - need to replace consumables and wear parts that have become unusable as a result of their natural wear and tear.

    Additional free of charge servicing does not include:

    • - cost of spare parts;
    • - transport charges;
    • - misuse of the product and any related defects;
    • - modifications, alterations, repairs, or maintenance of the product by anyone other than authorized service centers;
    • - physical impact, overloading or improper use of the product or its operation in a manner contrary to the instructions;
    • - failures to comply with care and maintenance manuals supplied with the product.

3. Conditions for warranty obtaining

To obtain warranty service, you can contact:

  • • PRESTIGIO SOLUTIONS technical support service
  • • the point of purchase;
  • • PRESTIGIO SOLUTIONS Authorized Service Center (ASC). If you do not have an ASC in your city of residence, please, contact the point of purchase.

PRESTIGIO SOLUTIONS devices that become defective after sale are covered by the warranty provided that:

  • • the warranty period is still valid;
  • • the product defect is not caused by violation of operating rules: by mechanical damages, ingress of liquids, foreign objects, insects, repairs by unauthorized persons, other reasons not related to manufacture;
  • • there is a properly and clearly filled in, paper or electronic warranty card of the manufacturer or a financial document confirming the fact of purchase (a register receipt, a sales receipt, an invoice, a payment slip or another financial document, corresponding to the local legislation);

Warranty obligations can be fulfilled by:

  • • warranty repairing,
  • • replacement by an equivalent/similar in functionality device (in this case a new warranty period is set),
  • • execution of a certificate (document) of non-repairability for cost compensation at the retail network.

The warranty repairing shall be completed within the period prescribed by local legislation (a longer repairing period can be agreed upon with the consumer).

The repairing period shall be counted from the date of the defect confirmation in the service center. Replacement of defective parts of the product during the warranty period does not lead to establishment of a new warranty period.

4. Non-warranty service

PRESTIGIO SOLUTIONS Authorized Service Centers (ASC) provide non-warranty service.

You can contact one of the ASCs for a fee, if:

  • • the warranty period has expired;
  • • the defect is not the manufacturer's fault, or is caused by force majeure;
  • • there are traces of non-qualified repairing (use of non-original spare parts, opening and repairing the product by persons unauthorized by the manufacturer);
  • • other cases of warranty limitation.

PRESTIGIO SOLUTIONS shall not be held liable for the quality of fee-based repairs performed by third parties.