Medium Meeting Room Solution with All-in-one bar

Easy, Simple and Complete Solutions for working places up to 40 sqm with up to 14 participants.


The Collaboration Bar Alpha (PVCCU12M601) from Prestigio Solutions combines a 4K camera, 6 microphones, and a robust speaker into a single device, making it a space-saving solution for meeting rooms. It eliminates the need for multiple connections and wires, freeing up your meeting device.


The Speakerphone Alpha (PVCSN0M601) from Prestigio Solutions boasts a 6-element microphone array, which automatically reduces noise, cancels echo, and adjusts gain to deliver impeccable sound quality. It has the ability to capture voices from a distance of up to 5 meters in any direction, making it an ideal choice for hosting conferences with numerous participants. Wireless charging, integrated battery & connection without cables will add flexibility & comfort - set it up where you want.

Multiboard For Maximum productivity

The 86” Multiboard Light+ Series (PSMB068P860) with pre-installed apps for wireless screen sharing, editing and collaboration allows to start quickly and increase engagement during the meeting. Touch, write, draw, communicate, make conference calls, access files, browse the internet, and even play and watch content with ease. Multiboard is fully ready from the box to perform a multitude of functions that meet your various needs. Optional PC Windows (PMB528K002/K003) with built-in 3G/LTE module can improve the performance and will open even more opportunities for study or work.

JoinU Software from Prestigio Solutions

With the added benefits of JoinU Software from Prestigio Solutions like native screen sharing and presenting, integrated video conferencing apps, and a booking meeting room system, the conference hall can be fully equipped for seamless presentations. All these tools are designed to facilitate smooth collaborations, making it easier for users to communicate and share information effectively.

Universal Wall Mount

This EDBAK universal flat wall mount for 75-110” screens (WUSC-XWB1C-B) can be easily installed on any type of wall surface. The mount features lock screws to prevent unauthorized removal of the screen.

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Medium Meeting Room Solution with All-in-one bar
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