Medium classrooms

In education, visual and audio connections enhance understanding, engagement, and memory retention. Equipping students with precision tools creates a holistic and effective learning experience.

All-in-one interactive panel

Multiboard Light+ Series 75” seamlessly combines essential tools, effectively replacing multiple devices in classrooms. With robust hardware and preinstalled software, it offers a versatile and user-friendly solution to meet all interactive requirements. This comprehensive solution streamlines learning experience.

Mozaik for teachers

Interactive educational presentation software provides access to a wealth of interactive content (3D scenes, digital lessons, videos, 3D smartbooks). This powerful tool enables the creation of spectacular lessons and the crafting of personalized digital textbooks and animated presentations. Mozaik empowers individuals to engage with captivating materials and enhance their learning experience.

Mounting systems for various scenarios

Onkron Fixed Wall Mount with a slim profile of just 35 mm from the wall allows to securely attach Multiboard to the wall while maintaining a sleek appearance. Another option, Onkron Mobile Rolling Stand features height adjustment, tilt functionality, cable management, and two shelves, making it ideal for various settings such as classroom learning, presentations. Both options cater to different needs, providing flexibility and strength for various scenarios.

Solution components


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Medium classrooms
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