Large classrooms

In education, visual and audio connections enhance understanding, engagement, and memory retention. Equipping students with precision tools creates a holistic and effective learning experience.

All-in-one interactive panel

Multiboard Light+ Series 86” seamlessly combines essential tools, effectively replacing multiple devices in classrooms. With robust hardware and preinstalled software, it offers a versatile and user-friendly solution to meet all interactive requirements. This comprehensive solution streamlines learning experience.

AI Camera

The Collaboration Bar Alpha integrates a 4K camera with people tracking, a powerful speaker and 6 microphones into a compact unit. This design minimizes clutter by eliminating the necessity for numerous connections and cables, thereby freeing up space for other meeting equipment.

Mounting systems for various scenarios

The Edbak Fixed Wall Mount is a versatile mounting solution designed specifically to accommodate screens up to 110 kg. This mount ensures stability and durability. Its straightforward installation process makes it user-friendly and suitable for various wall surfaces. Alternatively, you consider the Onkron Mobile Rolling Stand. It offers features like height adjustment, tilt functionality, cable management, and two shelves. This stand is well-suited for various scenarios, including classroom learning and presentations. Both options cater to different needs, providing flexibility and strength.

Additional PC

Powerful solution that enhances collaboration and functionality. With pre-installed applications for both business and education, this PC takes convenience to the next level. Its built-in 3G/4G module enables seamless Internet sharing.

Mozaik for classroom

Enables multiple teachers and students to independently use the same board. Each user has access to a wealth of interactive content, including 3D models, educational videos, digital lessons, and applications specifically designed for skill development, illustration, and practice.

Multifunctional software

The JoinU software for classrooms seamlessly combines functionalities such as wireless screen sharing, video conferencing, and lesson scheduling.

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Large classrooms
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