Common areas

In common areas such as hallways, school lobbies, or cafeterias, digital signage solutions play a crucial role in conveying essential information. By broadcasting announcements, news, and lesson schedules, these systems ensure that both students and staff remain well-informed.

clear visibility from a distance

55” Indoor Digital Signage Wall Mount is a sophisticated and robust display solution designed for educational environments. It’s ideal for showcasing announcements, schedules, and student achievements.

Durable and stable mounting

When setting up educational spaces, Onkron Fixed TV Wall Mount is a cost-effective and space-saving solution for securely mounting flat-screen displays. Its slim design ensures minimal visual impact, while the easy installation process makes it convenient for educational institutions.

Android-Based Mini PC DFBox

Digital media player seamlessly integrates hardware and software, resulting in a powerful and efficient digital signage solution. In an educational context, it can serve as an information hub, and a communication tool.

Remote Control and Management

Displ software empowers you with seamless remote control from any device, simplifying the management of networks at any scale.

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Common areas
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