Enhancing Customer Interaction with Displ

Gathering Audience Statistics and Analyzing Campaign Results.

How it works

Displ allows centralized and remote management of advertising displays, background music, interactive surfaces, and video walls. The platform collects audience data and evaluates the effectiveness of advertising. While the methods for constructing a Prestigio Solutions Digital Signage system may vary based on each client’s specific case, the underlying principles remain consistent.

  • Server and Cloud Management
  • Content Information
  • Signaling System (Ethernet Network)
  • Broadcasting Devices (Prestigio Solutions Digital Signage)

Displ Manager

  • Campaign Management: Add and remove, plan and manage advertising campaigns.
  • Device Management: Add, delete, and group broadcasting devices. Set operating schedules.
  • Effectiveness Reports: Analyze audience demographics, including gender, age range, and interaction duration.
  • System Administration: Manage user accounts. Define platform roles. Implement security measures.

Displ Designer

The Designer platform facilitates the creation of templates for advertising campaigns and interactive projects. These templates are then transferred to the Displ Manager, offering several key capabilities.

  • Static Content Placement: Users can insert text, images, animations, sounds, and videos into the template.
  • Dynamic Content Integration: The platform allows the inclusion of data from RSS feeds, XML files, links to web resources, etc.
  • Adobe Photoshop File Import.
  • Trigger Placement: Triggers adapt content playback based on external events.
  • Template Download and Preview.
  • Broadcast Device Management.

Displ Player

The Displ Player serves as a tool for broadcasting devices, specifically designed for advertising campaigns and interactive projects. Its key functionalities include:

  • Campaign Reproduction: It plays back advertising campaigns and interactive content.
  • Content Storage.
  • Device Control: Users can manage broadcast devices from their personal cabinet.
  • Kiosk Mode: Prevents unauthorized exits from the program by blocking system windows, menus, and other OS elements.
  • Statistical Reporting: The Media Player sends playback statistics and camera information (such as view counts) to the Displ Manager.

Displ Fast Start Kit

Out-of-the-box solution for audience analytics and digital signage

  • 1 day to launch the project, 7 days to first results
  • Integrates with third-party hardware player and panel network
  • Analytics sensor (camera) is for better visitors insights
  • More than 15 audience metrics


Displ software provides real-time demographic targeting, personalized product recommendations, and emotion-based content adjustments. This tailored approach enhances the chances of customers making purchases, ultimately leading to increased sales.

Solution components

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Enhancing Customer Interaction with Displ
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