Digital Signage for Museum

Museums are the perfect place to showcase art, history, and culture. However, with the advent of technology, museums are now using digital signage to enhance visitor experience. Digital signage has become an integral part of museum displays as it offers interactive and engaging ways for visitors to learn and experience the exhibits. In this case study, we will explore how tablets have been used as digital signage in a Vintage Car Museum at ASBISc Enterprises Plc. and its impact on visitor experience.

Case Study:

Vintage Car Museum at ASBISc Enterprises Plc is a private collection of classic cars from different eras and countries. Visitors can admire rare and unique cars, such as antique Rolls Royces, vintage Volga and Chaika cars, and many others. This is a very interesting place for car enthusiasts and anyone interested in the history of automobiles. To enhance visitor experience and to make the exhibition more interactive and engaging, the decision was made to implement digital signage solutions based on tablets.

The Solution:

Using tablets as digital signage helps to provide visitors with an interactive and engaging experience. The tablets were placed next to each exhibition car, and visitors can use them to access information about the exhibits. The project included 14 tablets 10” mounted in the special secure floor stands from Compulocs. The software part included preinstalled Displ digital signage software, which can not only distribute content and be managed remotely on all devices, but also collect and provide analytics and show targeted content to the visitors based on their gender, age or even mood.

Benefits of the Solution:


  • Interactive touch screen
  • Supports any type of content (text, images, videos, games, audio, etc.)

Enclosure Portable Floor Stand

  • Lockable high grade aluminum enclosure
  • Adjustable Floor stand with 45 degree angled display mount.
  • 2 Enclosure Keys for max security

Displayforce Software

  • Remote content management
  • Any type of content
  • Targeted ads
  • Audience and content Analytics
  • Many content templates

The Impact

The use of tablets as digital signage had a significant impact on visitor experience. Visitors find the tablets to be interactive and engaging, and they enjoy using them to learn about the exhibits.


Tablets as digital signage in museums is becoming increasingly popular. The tablets provide visitors with an interactive and engaging experience, and they help enhance visitor engagement. Museums can use tablets to provide visitors with virtual tours, audio guides, videos, and games related to the exhibits. Tablets also help reduce congestion around popular exhibits and increase visitor engagement. Overall, tablets are an excellent addition to any museum's digital signage strategy.

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Digital Signage for Museum
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