Conference hall

Conference halls are the hub of corporate events, seminars, and meetings. The ambiance and appearance of the conference hall play a significant role in creating an impression on the attendees. The use of technology can bring the user experience to a new level and make the event more engaging and interactive. Learn how Prestigio Solutions technologies turn usual conference halls into high-tech and multifunctional event halls and collaboration spaces.

Case Study:

The New HQ office of ASBIS Enterprises Plc in Limassol, Cyprus is famous for being a high-tech cluster where Prestigio Solutions technologies play a decisive role when it comes to conferences and presentations. A conference hall ASBIS HQ has been built from scratch with the idea of using cutting-edge technologies in Digital Signage and collaboration Businesses and to become the heart of offline & online events for the entire ASBIS Group.


Planning and building conference space for 250 people. Simultaneous content display on 3 screens, speaker tracking, and online events recording. Booking a hall remotely with the possibility of online broadcasting of events.


Firstly, separate conference space for up to 3 different events at the same time. Secondly, possibility of online streaming of the events; online booking of conference hall remotely. Thirdly, сost-effective and high-end solution with video walls in total 12K resolution - the one and only project in Cyprus


The entire multimedia system of the conference hall consists of:
Prestigio Solutions LED Video Wall
5 by 4 meters with 1.25mm pixel pitch – the main point of attraction and actions in the event space
Prestigio Solutions LCD Video Walls
3.5mm dual bezel x 2 – secondary video walls to make content visible from any point and angle
Management system
based on tablets and Displ software
Video conferencing cameras
for streaming online events
wireless native screen sharing, video conferencing, and booking meeting room system based on JoinU
Audio System
for reproducing sounds from various sources

LED video wall

The Prestigio Solutions LED video wall is installed at the back of the stage, covering the entire space behind it. The LED video wall is used to create a truly seamless large display screen. It is made up of multiple panels that are seamlessly integrated to create a large display screen. The pixel pitch of 1.25mm makes the content visible even from a close distance.

LCD video wall

The other visual solution used in this high-tech space is an LCD video wall. There are two of them on the sides of the scene. Each LCD video wall consists of 16 x 55” LCD panels (article PSIW55N0U0) with a 3.5mm dual bezel. Considering that LCD solutions have a much lower price compared with LED, nevertheless, they provide an almost seamless picture and sharp image thanks to 4K definition and wide viewing angle.

centralized control system

All the video walls are connected to a centralized control system based on tablets with pre-installed Displ Software. That allows the event organizers to display various types of content on the screen - videos, images, presentations, etc. The control system also allowed the organizers to manage each or all video walls at the same time, and control its technical parameters or content distribution. The main feature is that all 3 units can distribute different content simultaneously. And that allows us to hold several events at once.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

To make the solution more sophisticated and functional, and to hold smooth online events, Prestigio Solutions provided PTZ Camera Alpha (article PSVCCU8N002). It is designed for large meeting rooms and conference halls and has a wide viewing angle and smooth Pan-Tilt-Zoom function, which makes it perfect for streaming.

wireless screen sharing

JoinU software from Prestigio Solutions enables wireless screen sharing from any user’s device, adds multiple possibilities for video conferencing via any Video Conferencing Systems application, and also works as a booking system for the conference hall, which you can use remotely.

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Conference hall
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