Comprehensive solutions for meeting rooms

Optimal compatibility with various devices ensures ease of use and practicality.

Experience exceptional comfort of collaboration

Enhance your meeting space with Prestigio Solutions cutting-edge products and software.
Interactive panel Multiboard
Set up needed applications, write anything you want directly on the board, and seamlessly collaborate with colleagues.
Video Conferencing Systems
Ensure crystal-clear audio and video communication, guaranteeing that you’re always audible and visible.
JoinU Software
Foster effective collaboration by instantly screen-sharing from any device. Efficiently coordinate meetings using seamlessly integrated online calendars and messaging.

Authentic engagement in everyday experiences

Multiboard is a versatile and user-friendly interactive panel. It seamlessly combines the functionalities of a PC, projector, white board and screen, making it a comprehensive solution for rooms for meetings. It is ideal for various purposes:

  • Training and pitch sessions, presentations
  • Business negotiations
  • Virtual meetings when all attendees are at different locations

Advanced video conferencing solutions

Elevate your meeting experience with Prestigio Solutions state-of-the-art video conferencing systems. These systems offer ultra high definition resolution, advanced sound quality, seamless Plug&Play setup, AI-powered people recognition, and other cutting-edge characteristics to meet the demands of modern meeting spaces.

Software for meeting rooms

Wirelessly share screens across different operating systems within moments. Create, edit, and collaborate on files seamlessly across different devices. Explore different software based on your specific business needs.

Configure your meeting room for comfort collaboration from anywhere

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Interactive Ultra HD Windows-based devices for business and education.
Video Conferencing Systems
Bring your meetings to a high professional level with Video Conferencing Systems from Prestigio Solutions.
Best in class software for wireless cross-platform parallel screen sharing, video conferencing and meeting room booking system
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Comprehensive solutions for meeting rooms
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