43" Indoor Digital Signage Totem Prestigio Solutions

FHD Windows-based totem for maximum interaction with customers
Built-in speakers
Built-in computer
Metal case

Improved customer experience

Prestigio Solutions IDS Totem gives customers the opportunity to use familiar interactive features of online store in offline environment at your point of sale, show all the goods that did not fit on the shelf, provide information on related products, run unusual interactive campaigns.

FULL high definition
10 touch points
Protected housing


Digital Signage Totem allows to change the content quickly and easily, so you can adjust your message depending on the time of day or season. They can be used for advertising, information display, wayfinding, and other applications.

Increased Engagement

The Digital Signage Totems are interactive and engaging, allowing customers to interact with your brand in a more direct way thanks to touch screen of the device which supports up to 10 touch points at the same time.

Complete Solution Based on the Specific Needs

Built-in computer based on Windows 10 IoT together with specialized software provides complete solution and enables the creation, management and distribution of advertising content across multiple displays at any time.

Slim design Stand Durability

Сasing of device is made from metal as well as having tempered glass. This allows to use it in any public place whilst not having to worry about it’s security.
Article PDSIM43SWT6P
43" Indoor Digital Signage Totem Prestigio Solutions
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