Meeting room: set it up right

Meeting rooms are a critical part of any business, so having the right equipment for them is essential.

The problem

Here is the real case of a trading company office in Cyprus where meeting room equipment falls short, interactivity is lacking, and collaboration opportunities remain untapped.
Consumer TVs lack built-in interactivity, and remote management can be a challenge. You cannot collaborate with the screen, touch, draw on it, and view content simultaneously. Video conferencing always requires additional devices, such as personal computers (PCs). Also, most TVs do not have the proper operating systems (such as Android or Windows) to handle conference calls, display presentations, and play videos during videoconferences.
A tablet or any other booking system that does not function properly fails to ensure efficient use of meeting rooms. However, when it works correctly, it provides real-time information about room availability, preventing scheduling conflicts. Similarly, having a professional camera in a conference room enables seamless video conferencing. Clear visuals and high-quality audio enhance communication among remote participants. In a business setting, professionalism is crucial.
When equipment is challenging to connect and use, it reduces the efficiency and productivity of meetings. Complex setups can lead to wasted time and frustration. Additionally, messy cables create an unprofessional appearance and pose safety risks.


A well-equipped conference room is essential for productive meetings. Let’s dive into the most important products by Prestigio Solutions you should consider for an effective conference room setup.

Leverage an all-in-one interactive panel

The interactive panel Multiboard Light+ seamlessly integrates various features into one device. It boasts a multi-touch screen, an optional integrated computer (PC), Wi-Fi connectivity, a camera, clear sound of stereo speakers, and pre-installed software - all elegantly packaged together. With an impressive 50,000 hours of usage, the Multiboard Light+ is well-suited for extended collaborative work. Employees can easily and productively collaborate by sharing screens, taking notes, and saving documents during meetings. Additionally, the Multiboard Light+ supports wireless screen sharing from Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS devices. The interactive panel offers various ports for connecting additional devices and peripherals. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple devices during meetings. It is ready to use right out of the box.

Invest in Effective Software for Meeting Rooms

JoinU by Prestigio Solutions combines simplicity, compatibility, and efficient room management. It provides seamless screen sharing across different operating systems. Whether you are on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or Chromebook, sharing the screen is a breeze. Also, you can join video conferencing meetings using any invite link. It is a one-click process, eliminating the hassle of switching between apps. Bid farewell to technical barriers and welcome productive collaboration.

Choose state-of-the-art video conferencing systems

Prestigio Solutions video conferencing systems deliver crystal-clear visuals, capturing every detail. Whether it is a presentation slide or a remote participant’s expression, a UHD resolution camera ensures clarity. Clear audio is non-negotiable. The speakerphone offers noise cancellation, echo reduction, and high-fidelity sound. Participants feel like they are in the same room. Just plug in, power up, and start collaborating.

Use suitable accessories

Adjust the display to your preferred viewing angle and height with the Mobile Rolling Stand. Integrated cable channels discreetly hide cords, maintaining a clutter-free appearance. No more tangled wires distracting from your message. The stand is equipped with two shelves, offering extra storage space. Use them for accessories, notes, or even a cup of coffee. It is like having a mini command center on wheels. This stand frees you from fixed installations, allowing you to move your multiboard effortlessly.

Advantages of professional solutions

Whether you are setting up a new conference room or improving an existing one, contact Prestigio Solutions to enhance the overall experience for everyone involved.

  • Reliability: Professional solutions are more reliable due to rigorous testing and quality assurance.
  • Efficiency: They are optimized for high performance and scalability.
  • Convenience: Easy installation, no need for cabling, and integrated functionality.
  • Security: Professional solutions prioritize security and data protection.
  • Support: You can rely on professional support and maintenance.


In the context of meeting rooms, investing in high-quality equipment is essential. In today’s business landscape, functioning without such systems is nearly impossible. Consider opting for a purpose-built device like the Multiboard Light+ instead of acquiring five separate components that may or may not work seamlessly together. Not only does it come at a comparable price to purchasing a TV, NUC, and tablet individually, but it also offers several advantages. The interactive panel boasts a significantly longer lifetime, resulting in future cost savings. For the same price, the Multiboard Light+ provides a broader range of functions out of the box. It operates seamlessly without the need for constant interventions or cable adjustments. Moreover, consider the impact on productivity. Investing in top-notch collaboration tools from Prestigio Solutions empowers your employees to work seamlessly. Reduced troubleshooting time and efficient room booking lead to indirect savings. The numerous benefits offered by Prestigio Solutions devices enable you to achieve a positive ROI faster than using less efficient and unreliable devices. Additionally, TCO will be lower because our products have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent equipment purchases.

Configure your meeting room for comfort collaboration from anywhere

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Meeting room: set it up right
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